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DiVita-Relocation is a service company operating in Munich and the local area.

Our main task is to assist companies with the personal support of their newly relocated employees. Our objective is to provide your employees with a stress-free relocation and support them with all their concerns. During this process you can count on our competent, experienced and reliable team.

We gladly introduce ourselves in a personal meeting, to show you, why DiVita-Relocation is the right contact for you and your employees on the issue of relocation and integration and what separates us from the other relocation companies.



We are available to you as a reliable contact person in compliance with our internal code of conduct.



Quality comes before quantity. Therefore, we offer a high quality and comprehensive service that more than satisfies our customers.



Each customer will be advised individually and according to their needs. We not only react but act actively and eliminate any resulting problem.



Our intention is to fulfill your wishes and ideas to your complete satisfaction. With the first contact request you will receive your personal Relocator, who will be available 24 h for you. This ensures that you are always well looked after and supported in every Situation.


Relocation? Our Strength!

Our reliability, speed and our multilingual team are our hallmarks.

You or your employee are being transferred to Munich out of professional reasons and you don’t know which problems lie ahead of you?

You are looking for an apartment, a nearby school or kindergarten for your children and you are not very familiar with the German formalities?

Then you have made the right decision to contact DiVita-Relocation.

DiVita-Relocation is specialized on relocation management for companies and their employees as well as private individuals in the Munich area.

Our long-standing experience with relocation, the Munich real estate market and the associated formalities, allow us to offer you an extensive service range. Our team consists of real estate agents, search consultants and brokers, who exercise their job with passion.

Our reliability, quickness and our multilingual employees distinguish our team.

We are looking forward to taking care of you!

Apartment search

We will find the right property for you and advise you professionally, extensively and individually.

Temporary accommodation

DiVita-Relocation will provide temporary accommodation or book a suitable hotel for the bridging period.

Authorities and formalities

We advise and inform you about all formalities before, during and after your stay.

Pick-up service

Upon your arrival, you will be met directly from the gate by your personal Relocator and accompanied to your accommodation or directly to the visits, as scheduled.

On-site problems

Moving to a new country or a new city is connected with a lot of time-consuming problems, such as an apartment search, public authority procedures, finding a new school for your children, car registration, opening a bank account and many more.

DiVita-Relocation offers you a wide range of services, to take care of all of those time-consuming and strenuous problems for you.

Our good network at the Munich real estate market, allows us to find the matching property for you or your employees quickly. We will provide you with information in advance, so that you can already choose at home, which apartments you want to view, after your arrival in Munich. Our experienced team of agents knows what it takes to successfully assert yourself against other interested parties.

We support you with your search for an apartment, the rental contracts, the apartment handover and we will explain to you, all the details of your tenancy.

You can simply call and tell us, what type of property you are looking for. Within four hours we will send you matching results for your request.

The apartment search includes:

  • Location analysis and infrastructural analysis
  • Professional advice and a selection of various properties
  • Personal presentation of the properties of your choice
  • Preparation and analysis of the rental contract
  • Apartment handover with a professional handover certificate
  • Free 24hour Hotline during your entire stay, to provide you with help in any situation

DiVita-Relocation assists you with all of your matters with the German authorities and will explain to you ahead of time, which formalities are important before, during and after your move. Furthermore we assist you with bank account openings, car registration, insurances, apply for child benefit, school enrolment and all other personal needs.

This way we save our customers from difficult and time-consuming formalities with the authorities.

Assistance with the authorities includes:

  • Registration of a new residence or office
  • Information about and conclusion of contracts with insurance companies
  • Visa formalities
  • Application for child benefit, enrolment at school, kindergarten or daycare facilities
  • Residence and work permit
  • Registration of telephone, internet, car registration, power supply etc…

If you would like to bring your furniture or other personal belongings with you to Munich, then it is of big importance to instruct a trustworthy forwarding company.

DiVita-Relocation is able to take care of that entire process. Your personal belongings will be insured to avoid any problems.

Move management includes:

  • Cost estimates of various trustworthy forwarding companies
  • Insurance cover
  • Personal supervision of the transport into your new home
  • Customs formalities
  • Invoice control and taking care of complaints

Upon your arrival you will be picked up at the airport by your personal relocator. Of course, your food is provided. Depending on the schedule, you will be escorted either to your temporary accommodation or directly to the apartment viewings.

You have the possibility to get accommodation provided by DiVita-Relocation or to spend your stay in a hotel of your choice. On request we can send you a selection of hotels and book them in consultation.

Other important informations

The above-listed services take care of the usual relocation process. Other necessary services may be required in some cases. If that is the case, please contact us personally, so that we can find a solution for your problem.

Step-by-Step - the usual relocation process

physical viewing

We advise and accompany you personally to every viewing appointment.

virtual viewing

You have the opportunity to take sightseeing appointments virtually.

To be able to assist you in the best possible way from the beginning, please contact us via E-Mail, telephone or Skype. That way, we get the chance to get to know you personally and answer all of your questions.

This service is free of charge for you.

After you or your employee have told us about your needs, we will focus on your situation and search profile. You will receive an information folder matching your interests, to inform you about all the necessities of your relocation process in advance.

That way you can choose in advance from your current location, which of our services you wish to make use of.

Now that we know exactly, what type of property you are looking for, what kind of services you require (Assistance with the authorities, car registration, bank account opening, school or kindergarten enrolment…), which budget is available to you, in which area you prefer to live and what kind of criteria your future home should fulfil, we are able to send you various objects matching your search profile.

We also offer our service to business investors.

As soon as you have sorted out the most interesting objects for yourself, it is time to plan the apartment viewing. It is important for us to know, when you are available to come and visit. To save your time, we will try to arrange the appointments of all objects within two days.

Upon your arrival your personal assistant will pick you up at the airport. Of course we will take care of catering for you. Depending on the schedule we will either escort you to your temporary accommodation or directly to the objects. DiVita-Relocation has the possibility to provide you with an accommodation or you can stay at a hotel of your choice.

After your successful viewing appointments, you decide which property you would like to move in to. Because of the high demand at the Munich real estate market, owners or agents have a huge selection of interested parties. Due to our extensive experience and the relevant “Know How”, we know which criteria you have to match, to successfully apply. Our rate of success is at 100% in this case.

As soon as the rental contract has been signed, some factors should be observed.

  1. Deposit payment: The deposit marks a financial protection for the owner in cases of damages through personal negligence to the property, so that the owner can resort to the deposit. Usually the deposit amounts three net cold rents. In advance to the hand-over of keys, the deposit needs to be wired to a security deposit account, which will be given in the rental contract. After your tenancy has ended, you will receive your deposit back, if there are no damages to the property.Of course we will inform you, which aspects you have to pay attention to, so that you will receive your deposit back fully, after your tenancy has ended.


  1. Handover of the apartment/office: As soon as the deposit payment is registered at the security deposit account, the handover of the object will take place. Therefore there will be an appointment at the object together with the agent or owner. A handover certificate will be compiled during that appointment. The handover certificate contains
  • Number of keys handed over
  • Current hot water reading
  • Power meter reading
  • Pre-existing deficiencies
  • Decor of the apartment/office
  • Address

At the end of the tenancy there will be an acceptance report with the same content, to see which changes have taken place during that period of time. Both, the handover certificate and the acceptance report, will be signed by the owner/agent and yourself.


  1. Rental payment: It is very important, that the monthly rent is registered at the owner’s bank account by the third of each month. Otherwise there can be dunning costs. We recommend you to pay your rent by standing order or a “SEPA” direct debiting. Of course we will assist you personally in that matter.


  1. Termination: If you wish to end the tenancy, please note that you have to meet a deadline of three months in advance, if your rental contract is open-ended.


  1. Objective: Our common objective is, to find a place, where you or your employee feel at home. We will help you through the entire process of relocation and integration. Even uncommon problems that may not be listed above, will be discussed, analyzed and solved. Furthermore you will receive cost-free telephone consultation for all your questions.

Our common goal is to find a place where you or your employees feel at home. We help you through the entire relocation and integration period. Even unlisted issues will be discussed, analyzed and resolved according to your needs. In addition, you will receive additional free telephone support for all your questions after you move in.


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You want to move your company to the Munich area or start a self-employed business here?

Our wide portfolio of agents and tax consultants will support our customers to full extent.


Dennis Di Vita

Founder & Owner

E: dennis.divita@divita-relocation.de
T: +49 176 24061560

Mr. Di Vita can look back on several years of experience in a munich-based real estate company. After being awarded the IHK title – real estate agent – Di Vita worked as a property manager and real estate broker at a reputable company. Afterwards he looked for a new challenge and found it in the self-employment. He founded Di Vita Relocation in 2017 and specialized in the relocation services market segment for well-trained foreign employees. According to Mr. Di Vita, these should be integrated as quickly as possible into the new environment of their new workplace. In this way, the future employer can ensure that his employees can focus on the essentials – the new workplace.



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